When designing a website, be it about your catering company or a detailed look at the historical significance of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you're going to want to make it a website that is user friendly. While that might very well be the goal of many website designers it doesn't always end up showing in the final product, as many designers, especially those without much experience, get bogged down in creating something visually appealing rather than user friendly.

It can get quite tempting to want to put all your time and energy into graphics and the look of your website rather than the "feel" of it. We're not saying that we want you to design and build a boring website without any eye-catching graphics. That's far from the case. What we do want to stress is that you shouldn't get too carried away with the look of your website and that you need to make sure that the final product becomes a fully functional product that allows users to enjoy their visit, or learn from it, or whatever your goal may be.

Website navigation is the key to many popular and successful websites and if you allow the browser an experience on your website where the navigation is easy and they can find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently then you've done a wonderful job! That's what really matters and is something you need to keep in the back of your mind throughout the course of your website building. If for whatever reason you find yourself making a website that even you can't navigate then just imagine what that experience would be like for someone that doesn't already know what content is available there.

It wouldn't be all that fun for them and will make them want to never come back to your website. You don't want that to happen and neither does the visitor coming to your website. They are going to be visiting your website for a reason and no matter how impressive the images are on your website or how visually stunning the graphics are it won't mean much at all if they can't easily navigate their way around your website.

Here's an example of a website with clear and easily-followed navigation. This company offers literally hundreds of products, but it's easy to find what you need by virtue of their intuitive navigation design. Everything is grouped according to its use, and the options within each category are presented as you delve deeper into the site.

You don't really have to do all that much during the building and designing phase of your website to ensure that the ability to navigate the site is smooth and not at all frustrating. After all, you are the one building it and you should be able to see what it would be like to navigate the site from an outsider's point of view. As long as you make it as easy, quick and efficient as possible to navigate everything should work out just fine and you'll have built a successful website in no time!

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